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Parent Testimonials

Thank you for the excellent care you provided for Ismael and Iman. It has definitely given them a good start in life and Elena has been so kind.

Very best wishes, Liz

January 2016

Thank you for wonderful times, endless fun, invaluable learning and all the love and playing. I will miss you all so much. Please stay in touch.

All my love, Cara

September 2015

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the past three years. I will always remember you!

Love Emma

September 2015

Thank you so much for looking after Sinead for the last couple of years. It has been a joy, she has loved every minute of her time with you all.

With love & best wishes

Connolly Family

July 2015

Thank you for looking after me and all your love and support.



July 2015

We can’t begin to thank you enough for all you have done for Seb and for us. He has been very happy with you all and I know he will miss you. Thank you for your kindness and support and flexibility!


Anna, Adam and Seb

PS – Seb would like to come and visit now and again please!

November 2014

I have always felt at home in your house, that’s why I didn’t even cry when mummy left me with you the first time! Thank you for playing with me, taking me to the park, feeding me yummy food, laughing with me when I was happy, hugging me when I was sad, thank you for loving me so much! I will never forget you!

All our love


September 2014

Watching your boys for the last year and a half grow and bloom into sweet, warm, compassionate and confident children, makes us certain that we couldn’t have been happier that you have been Harry’s second home for so long! You have given him a warm, loving and secure place to evolve. For that, we thank you and we’ll be forever grateful!

All our love

Ourania and Kostas

September 2014

Thank you so much for looking after Camilla in the last year. Camilla has had an amazing time at your nursery and she will miss everyone very much.

Kind regards

Ela & Marcin Palicki

July 2014

Thank you for taking good care of me when mummy was unwell. I love coming to play here.

Cuddles from


February 2014

Thank you so much for Sebastian’s Christmas present. He absolutely loves the story and I have lost track of how many times we read it over the holidays! It was a very thoughtful present – thank you very much.

Best wishes

Anna, Adam and Sebastian

January 2014

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed and treasured our years at Bright Child. You gave Ava the warmest and loving ‘home away from home’ that any parent could wish for and provided such invaluable support to us and especially me when I first returned to work when Ava was little.

It really does sadden me that Thea won’t experience your wonderful care but I do hope that we will stay in touch.

Thank you for everything – you have built a fantastic organisation with Bright Child.

Claudia - September 2013

Thank you for all the care, love and education you have given our son. You’ve played such an important role in his life, and for that we shall be forever grateful.

Vanessa and Miguel - September 2013

Just to say a huge thank you for all the care you’ve provided over the past two and a half years – such a large chunk of Isaac’s life!

You’ve been there with comfort and cuddles, have boosted his development with all the fantastic resources + boundless inspiration and allowed him to make some great friends (not least his beloved Tanya!)

I’ve seen him grow in confidence and we feel like we made the right choice with all that time ago – you’ve given us advice on the ‘system’ which has been much appreciated too.

Isaac will definitely miss you all including Andrew, Peter and Mark but we’ll be sure to pop back and keep you updated on his progress at nursery.

Many thanks!

Isaac, Natalie and Andrew - September 2013

We’re so glad that Cara has a place to go where she is happy and safe, while we manage how to deal with two children!

All the best, Siobhan, Neil, Cara and baby - 20th June 2013

I am so thrilled that Emma has such a wonderful warm home to go to and play and be in wonderful care almost every day. It makes me feel so happy top know she is with you and your lovely helpers.

God Bless you, Astrid - 30th May 2013

Thank you for making me feel welcome and looking after me. I will miss you all and I do hope I’ll see you around in the local parks maybe :)

Love Luca - 3rd November 2012

Thank you so much for everything you have done Eva over the past two years. She has loved het time here and will really miss you all. Good luck with everything, all our love,

Eva, Kathryn and Terry - 12th September 2012

Today is an emotional day for Tyra and for us as her parents. It is always hard to say goodbye to wonderful people that we treasure in our hearts. We would like to say a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the care Bright Child has provided for Tyra since she was just 1.3 years old!!! She joined you as a baby and is leaving as a well rounded little girl. :) Thank you for the rich learning environment you have provided to aid her in her growth and development. We are grateful that we found a safe haven for her in her early years and we pray God blesses and guides all your endeavours. Best of luck with the baby and we will be sure to keep in touch with you also.

With gratitude Toye, Eniye + Tyra - 31st August 2012

Thank you for all of your love and care to Austin and Eilidh over the past few years. We will miss you.

With love from Louise, Neil, Austin & Eilidh - 13th August 2012

Thank you for looking after Olaf for the last year and a half. You both were like parents to him and he grew to love you dearly. I can’t tell you how grateful Greg and I are for all your help during that time. We hope that as of September we will have frequent opportunities to meet as often as possible.

With many thanks and lots of love Monica & Greg - 27th July 2012

Needless to say we are all going to be very sad to leave and I think Austin in particular will find it quite hard as you've been such an important part of his life for such a long time.

Louise Macleod - 23rd July 2012

At the same time, we would like to thank you both for being kindest towards Olaf, your care and warmth with which you look after Olaf.

Monika and Greg - 30th March 2012

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent care you have provided for Felix, he has really enjoyed himself and has come on a great deal and made new friends.

Lisa Welling - 11th January 2012

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Ava who loves every second she spends at your house.

Claudia, Paul and Ava - 10th January 2012

Isaac says thanks for all the games and cuddles and we say thanks for doing such a great job with our boy this year!

Isaac, Andrew and Natalie - 20th December 2011

Thank you so much for everything you are doing for Ishmael and Iman. It is really excellent care and we appreciate the working environment.

Liz, Toy, Ishmael and Iman - 19th December 2011

Thank you so much for Sonny and Jake’s lovely gifts and cards – so kind of you. And thank you for making Sonny feel so welcome, he has so much fun with you, we’re very lucky!

Vicky, Simon, Sonny and little baby Jake - 14th October 2011

Thank you so much for looking after Diarmuid so well and welcoming him into your home. He still misses you so much.

Mark and Bridget - 10th May 2011

We are confident that Tyra is happy there and enjoys it. She continues to grow and develop and astounds us more and more with each passing day.

Toye & Eniye Oshunbiyi - 7th October 2011

Our child has been very happy here and we are sorry to say we are leaving. Commuting is a bit difficult, otherwise we would have stayed. Confidence, creativity, diligence, bubbly, happiness, the list goes on and on when we talk about the attributes of Bright Child. We will surely miss you (and your pancakes).

Natasha Glukh - 10 October 2011

We are sincerely grateful for the loving care that you have shown towards our daughter.

Natasha Glukh - 10 December 2010

Thank you for your beautiful gift for our wedding. You are so thoughtful and kind!

Ben and Maria - 25th October 2011 (in a thank you card)

You are doing incredibly well and the happy faces of all the children whenever I see them is testament to your excellent work and dedication. Ava loves every second she spends at your house.

Claudia Nicholson - 5th October 2011

Svetlana is wonderful. She has made my husband and I at complete ease since our son Leon started (4 months ago) he is so happy and comfortable. She does far more than I ever expected a childminder does and Leon’s development and highly sociable nature is the evidence!

Linda Dayal - 25th September 2010

Elena is great with all the children. Luca has really bonded with Elena. She has a lot of enthusiasm and it’s clear to see that she has built up good relationships with all the children. Luca loves her!

Anna Mansfield - 20th September 2010

Austin loves going to Svetlana’s, he obviously has a good time, and she does a very good range of stimulating activities there. We feel lucky to have found Svetlana.

Neil MacLeod - 21st April 2010

Svetlana has made my transition back to work much easier than I thought it would be, she shows great kindness to Austin and does a wide range of activities with him. Most importantly he loves Svetlana and smiles as soon as we arrive in the mornings.

Louise MacLeod - 19th April 2010

I am very pleased and assured knowing that my son Luca is being looked after by Svetlana and her assistant Elena. They are very committed in providing not only a good care for our son but also making sure that the time he spends with them is full of fun and plenty of creativity, activities and outdoor space. Luca is a very happy child and I am very grateful for the love and care you both give him. Thank you.

Carlo Secreti - 19th April 2010

Our son Luca has been with Svetlana for the last six weeks and in that time I have seen him progress really well. He seems to have settled well and is now happy to be left, which is great. Svetlana is always doing great creative things which are different week to week. I am so pleased that Luca is doing a variety of activities. He is well fed too! Overall I am very happy with Svetlana, she always puts in so much effort and you can see that it is all worth it when we pick Luca up. He is always happy. Luca has also bonded very well with Elena, she is great with him and I am happy that she is working with Svetlana, she is very committed and also puts in great effort into the kids. Both Svetlana and Elena provide exceptional care for the children.

Anna Mansfield - 19th April 2010

Dear Svetlana + the girls

Thank you very much for looking after me for the last two weeks and for being so lovely and kind, especially when I was a bit poorly. I have had a lovely time and lots of fun and loved making some new little friends. Hope to see you again soon.

Lots of love from Sonny xxx (on a postcard)